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Engineer-led, engineer-driven, we realise our most important resource is the knowledge and expertise of our people. Central to the success of our international engineering and management staff is our belief in the need for continuous education to stay ahead of changing technologies, and their ability to forge professional, friendly relationships with our clients.
Our Work Culture
Our work culture focuses on creating a supportive environment for the two groups of people very critical to on-going success: our clients and our staff.
Our clients
We believe individual relationships between members of our staff and yours is as important as our technical expertise. This means understanding your business, why you use IT, how it helps your business goals, and how we can fit into your work culture as an important part of the team.
Our staff
Working in Japan is both an opportunity and a challenge for international managers and computer engineers. We enjoy helping young staff find their feet, identify and move towards achieving their professional and personal goals, as they help the company and its clients achieve their goals. In addition to developing professional skills, language and cultural proficiency adds a dynamic component to our customer service.
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Work Opportunities
In-house staff
We're always searching for motivated engineers and technical service staff to work with our clients in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan. Depending on your qualifications and skills, you'll be providing general and specialist networking services to clients that include a number of leading international companies and organizations in Japan.
Contract staff
We outsource skilled engineers, technical service staff and managers to fill short and long-term in-house contract positions at leading international companies. We are particularly interested in bilingual speakers with experience as engineers, system administrators, database designers, project managers, programmers, technical support and help desk positions.
Staff recruitment
Forefront Technologies also provides staff recruiting services to companies seeking specialist in-house engineering and technical staff. If you're interested in finding a temporary or full-time position in a larger company, please send us your resume, with particular attention to your field of interest and expertise.
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